Grandmaster Kim Soo

Private lessons by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Grandmaster Kim Soo has returned from Busan, S. Korea, and is accepting appointments for private lessons at the world headquarters dojang in Spring Branch, Houston.

It is a rare honor to train with the founding Grandmaster who has over 62 years teaching experience these world class martial arts. All students and instructors in the Chayon-Ryu system are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. A private lesson with Grandmaster is invaluable to gaining deeper insight into Chayon-Ryu philosophy, history and technique.

1-hour private lessons are available to current Chayon-Ryu members at any belt level. Cost: $100/hour

1-hour private lessons are also available to sincere advanced martial artists from other systems. Cost: $150/hour

Weekly space is limited so reserve your time slot today by contacting Grandmaster Kim Soo.

Phone: (713) 818-4060
E -mail: him at (