Grandmaster Kim Soo's Trip to Korea
August 2004

Banner tranlsation: Special Invitation to
a lecture by Grandmaster Kim Soo at the Natl. Cultural Museum, Sponsored by Korean Taekyun Inc. His lecture subject was: The History, Evolution, and Principles of Martial Arts from old times to modern and how to use it in everyday life.
This is the flyer used to publicize the lecture. He gave them license to use early images of himself and Master Sung Duk Ki that he took when he worked for Black Belt Magazine.
Grandmaster Kim Soo with the Honorary Chairman of Chayon-Ryu J.P. Hong, Master Yoo, and the YTN reporter at the 'Sam Il' building (tallest in Seoul).

Grandmaster Kim Soo visits the World Taekwando Federation office with Sec. General of W.T.F. Kum Hong Lee (center) and Technical Advisor Young Tae Kim (right). Grandmaster and Kum Hong Lee used to train together.

He was also asked to officiate the Taekyun College Competition opening ceremony. This is one of the college teams that participated.

This is Grandmaster Kim Soo's old office, in Seoul, where he founded Taekyon Karate in 1963/ 64. It is now a printing company.


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