In the parking lot that was then a Target off the 610 loop in Houston Texas, Chayon Ryu saved an infants life. An Hispanic lady with a small child, a year to a year and a half, was loading sacks in a car two cars over from me. As I glanced that way, the infant had wandered behind the car between us, just as the car began to back up. I saw the mother glance and panic and freeze and before you know it . I had skipped the distance with my left foot as we used to jump over a catcher's mitt in Grandmaster Kim Soo's evening class. Simultaneously with my right foot as I positioned it for a front kick, I balanced that baby on my instep and shin and managed to gently swoop the child into my and the mother' awaiting arms while managing to land on her side of the moving car as my right foot came back down. The mother stood there for just a second, with her mouth gaped open, then she thanked me as she began to cry, I looked at her and said "Its OK ma'am watch your child. Could have happened to anyone"! As I walked away I felt rewarded as I glanced back, because the lady was hugging her child watching me leave.

Later as I reflected, I realized it was a preprogrammed response, because I never consciously made the decision to do anything, it all happened so fast, there was no time to think. What made me jump? Internal strength and confidence derived from regular class attendance! The synchronicity of the entire event we will lend to grace. Somehow, that day compassion and mercy came into play. Everything had a happy ending! It was Christmas time! I drove away watching the lady cry happy tears.

Signed Anonymous