Yudanja-Whey (Black Belt Association)

Following the last Tuksu Suryon class (August 10, 2008) all black belts in attendance stayed to elect officers in the Yudanja-Whey (Black Belt Association).  Master John Stephens (DT) was elected President, Robert McLain (Arlington) Vice President and Sydney Moen (DT) Secretary-Treasurer.

The Yudanja-Whey is the association of active black belts in Chayon-Ryu, and as a collective body of individuals; they bear the ultimate responsibility for maintaining and preserving the Chayon-Ryu martial arts system founded by Grandmaster Kim Pyung Soo. Another important responsibility of the Yudanja-Whey is to support not only the Houston Chayon-Ryu Headquarters but all Chayon-Ryu dojangs where ever they exist. Teaching classes as volunteers is just one way they support the dojang, but it is one of the most vital aspects of building "Kong" or merit within the system.

For more information about the Yudanja-Whey please contact Sydney Moen