totally tae kwon do


There is a new Taekwondo magazine out of London, England that has focused on
being an on-line-only publication. This magazine started a few months ago and
I've been brought on board as a regular contributor. Last count, the first
issue had been downloaded over 13,000 times in over 50 countries.

I plan to represent Chayon-Ryu and will need you to provide feedback to the
magazine. Download the magazine for free, then provide some feedback to the
editor when you have time. A new issue is available every month.

Issue #2 has the Grandmaster Yoon Byung-in article starting on page 5. I have a
follow up feature story scheduled to run in Issue #4.

I can report any news, so please forward any special events, success stories, or
news you would like to announce. As with any magazine, they may or may not be
interested in the story, but I will send to the editor for consideration. If
you have written an article, they are still looking for additional contributors.

Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine is available via . Head to the
download page, right click, save as... and you have a the magazine at your
disposal. It downloads as a pdf document.

Please let your students and martial art friends know about this download.


Robert McLain