YTN Korean News Makes a Special Visit to CYR Headquarters

JULY 14, 2003

Grandmaster Kim, during his recent visit to Korea, indicated most of our students were adults and that Chayon-Ryu teaches us how to win in our lives without fighting.  This is quite different from the schools in Korea, where the students are mostly children, and the schools are centered around fighting and tournaments.  The people he spoke to in Korea were so surprised and intrigued by this that they sent a staff reporter and photographers to visit us.

On July 13,14, and 15, Mr. Hong from YTN Korean TV visited Houston to observe and film some of our classes. A special Combined Training Session was held on Monday, July 14th at the Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters. Grandmaster Kim and CYR students demonstrated the true spirit of Chayon-Ryu. It was a very successful evening, and the YTN group were most impressed with our adherence to tradition, etiquette, and practice geared toward peace.