Mid 1980's
Clay Street Downtown Dojang, Houston, Texas.
Grandmster Kim practices hapkido take-down with Master Kim Geary.
Chayon-Ryu Can Save Your Life

by Grainne Matthews, 6th Gup, Houston, Texas

Grand Master Kim Soo reports that during his recent visit to Korea 165 elderly people fell and were injured in the ice and snow of the harsh Korean winter. Although most survived, these elderly people suffered broken hips, wrists, or other injuries. These kinds of injuries in elderly people may permanently decrease their quality of life, not to mention costing them a lot of money.

If these people had known how to fall properly, perhaps they wouldn’t have been injured at all. Anyone can fall safely – it’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require anything but natural human movements that anyone can do – if they learn and practice regularly. Grand Master Kim Soo says all Chayon Ryu students should practice falling ten times everyday to develop “muscle memory” so that, when an emergency happens, we will naturally do the right thing without having to think about it.

Grand Master Kim Soo knows several Chayon Ryu students who fell – not just while walking, like the people in Korea – but fell from a height off of a ladder – and were not injured. These students remembered to look at their belt to keep their head off the ground, raise their legs to curve their backs and protect their spine, and slap the ground with their open palm and arms to absorb the shock.

More people die each year in the United States in falls from ladders than are killed by firearms. Think how many would be saved if they knew how to fall like a Chayon Ryu student.