How Chayon-Ryu Changed My Son's Life

From Amy Hartig to Robert McLain

Before my son James Hartig joined the Arlington Chayon-Ryu he was skipping school and when he did go he would have panic attacks, not wanting to been seen or heard. He would not do his school work was failing all of his classes and would not want to take care of himself. It turned out that three boys were bulling him so bad that he was scared to go anywhere but to the living room of our house. But now since joining the Chayon-Ryu he has not missed a day of school, he is making straight A's, is the first one to turn in his homework, cares about his appearance, and has friends now. He was also named student of the day at his elementary school which is a great honor. And it's all due to Robert McLain and his wonderful teaching style and truly caring about his students. So thank you a hundred times over to Robert McLain thank you for being part of our life.