Dr. David Mobley, 1st Dan Black Belt, demonstrating at the Medical Center, 1989.


"The most important part of martial arts training is the teaching method and the personal style and values of the person who will be teaching you or your child. Grandmaster Kim demands quality in his teachers."

From 5 to 75

by David F. Mobley, M.D.

The first thing you may ask when you read this title is "will I have to quit martial arts when I’m seventy-five years old?"

The answer of course is "no," it’s just the title of this article. As I said to Grandmaster Kim Soo, I hope when he’s 98 and I’m 95 we will both still coming to the dojang to train.

The reasons why one can enjoy this particular style of martial arts training throughout one's life become readily obvious - even when you show up for the first lesson. After a dozen or so training sessions it will really begin to make sense to the student, that Grandmaster Kim’s methods are designed so that training can be safely continued for a lifetime.

Let’s deal with some of the "why's" that one can confidently promote Chayon-Ryu for a lifetime, and let us begin with the two extremes, that is the 5 year old and the 75 year old student.

Martial arts training appeals to young children principally due to the influence of popular martial arts movies and stars who portray the ability to win any fight and overcome any adversary.

In most of the movies, the martial artist is the "good guy" and this is fortunate as it does sometimes lead to a good role model. Frequently the movie martial artist is on the side of the law and a good citizen.

Of course there is often the protagonist who is just the opposite, but fortunately the children tend to identify with the positive hero in a movie - the Chuck Norris, the Steven Segal, and the Bruce Lee. This influence then gets the interest of the young child - the idea that he or she can be like the movie hero.

Of course it never occurs to the youngster that these people got where they are by years of intense training, combined with some serious natural athletic talent.

It also never occurs to the child that he or she might be injured pursuing martial arts training. But this certainly does occur to the parents.

When a young child expresses interest in martial arts training the parents usually have two conflicting issues to deal with. "I'd like to see my child be able to protect him/herself, but I really don’t want my child getting hurt."

Chayon-Ryu is one of only a handful of martial arts systems which can satisfy both of these concerns.

It is certainly true that in these times the ability to protect one's self is important, but we don't want our children hurt learning these techniques. In Chayon-Ryu we train in many different self-defense techniques, but Grandmaster Kim insists that we learn how to help each other in class so that we don't get hurt while training - even in class combat called sparring.

In my years of observation, injuries of any sort are extremely rare. At the worst I've seen a few minor bruises. The reason? Chayon-Ryu training methods.

The most important part of martial arts training is the teaching method and the personal style and values of the person who will be teaching you or your child. Grandmaster Kim demands quality in his teachers. It is very rare for teaching black belts to have the constant supervision and training of a Master like Kim Soo. This is what makes Chayon-Ryu what is today; an outstanding place for the child and adult to pursue the benefits of martial arts training.

Chayon-Ryu combines training in forms, self defense, teaching methods, and history. All with Grandmaster Kim Soo’s emphasis on traditional values of humility, honesty, responsibility, and respect.

Studies have shown that when children are taught in this fashion they become confident, calm, less violent, and better students with the ability to concentrate more fully on their school work. This, as opposed to students who are taught only fighting techniques, who tend to become more violent and aggressive. These are some of the reasons that Chayon-Ryu is so well-suited to youngsters.

Chayon-Ryu is also an ideal system for the adult of any age.

One of the things that adults worry about with martial arts training is the risk of injuries. Most adults have had some athletic injuries in their lives and are more aware than the child of this reality. We adults would also like to learn self-defense techniques, but at the same time not get injured while learning. How is this done? There are many factors in Grandmaster Kim's technique. First and foremost is his commitment to safety; something he teaches daily. This is learned right from lesson one as the incoming student learns proper methods of warming and stretching the muscles. These very important techniques are practiced at the beginning and end of every class. For this reason alone, injuries are rare.

Adults of course have seen the martial arts movies with all the wild kicks, jumps, and fancy techniques that these skilled athletes perform. And we have to ask ourselves "Will I ever be able to do that?" or, "What if I can't learn to do that?"

Rest assured the older adult usually can't do that, and it is in no way necessary.

You will learn to practice martial arts within your physical capabilities. To earn a Chayon-Ryu Black Belt you will not have to jump four feet off the ground and break five bricks and a board with a flying kick. However, you will be required to do the things that you can. You will have to know your forms, your self-defense techniques, and training methods so that you will be able to teach other students.

You will be required to be serious and respectful. You will not be required to "beat up" anyone - you will need only to demonstrate an understanding of the techniques taught by Grandmaster Kim Soo.

Sure, we'd all like to be able to do high kicks like some of the more agile and younger athletes, but it probably is not going to happen. We will likely become more healthy, more limber and happier as we train. We will learn to protect ourselves in the process, and gain a feeling of calm and self-confidence.

There are many professionals in the Black Belt ranks of Chayon-Ryu. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, policemen, carpenters - persons from all walks of life, levels of athletic prowess and education. We all gather together to pursue a marvelous method of training that promises to promote good health, good camaraderie, and good fun.

We train together in the new and the ancient arts of self-defense.

And we welcome all ages, so join us.