Mu Sul In - A person who has achieved proficiency in technique, but not a corresponding mental or spiritual maturity.

Mu Do In - A person who has followed the path of hard training (which one must struggle to complete) and has achieved a "blissful state of self-forgetfulness."

An enlightened, self-actualized person; one who cannot be swayed or influenced by others to a wrong path.

The Stages of Training

By Grandmaster Kim Soo, 10th. Dan & Founder, Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts
Written by Sabomnim Graeme Cox

There are three stages of martial art training, Physical, Philosophical, and Application. Although millions of people train, most stay within the first stage.

First Stage: Physical

The emphasis of training is how to use the body as a weapon, including physical skills and tactics for sparring, tournaments, and self-defense. This is Mu Sul In, a person training in the physical skills of martial arts. Most students quit training after a couple of years because their Instructors only understand and teach this first stage.

Second Stage: Philosophy

Emphasis is on deeper philosophical and mental values. Training includes breathing and meditation techniques to gain wisdom and strengthen willpower. This stage includes all subtle changes to a student such as creating a positive attitude, improved confidence and self-esteem, leadership skills, control and responsibility for own actions, and a deeper understanding of all things in the universe. The student understands the importance of this mental and physical balance.

Third Stage: Application

Application of all the principles developed through a student’s martial art training in every situation of their daily life. Training is only complete when the student understands all three stages. This is Mu Do In, an enlightened person who understands the true value of martial arts training.

The original Grandmasters were highly educated scholars and philosophers who understood all three stages. Since that time, politicians, businessmen, and even religious leaders slowly changed martial arts to suit their purpose. They emphasized the first stage, and promoted tournaments, trophies, and sports to make money and gain international recognition.

Since they did not understand all three levels, up to 80% of modern martial artists and Instructors have failed to develop the calm, kind attributes of their predecessors. All you need do is look at martial art magazines. You almost never see a calm, controlled, confident individual. The majority of the cover pictures are of men snarling with mean, ugly looks on their faces. The association of machismo with martial arts is based solely on first stage understanding. If these people ever moved through the second and third stages, they would understand how superficial was their present view of martial arts.

Martial art training was designed to help you find "yourself." What is your potential? How can you use your body? How can you use your mind? How can you apply your training to improve you life? Without going through these three stages you never understand your full potential in life.

Chayon-Ryu students need to promote martial arts correctly throughout the world. Chayon-Ryu is Sang Hwal Mu Do – lifestyle martial art, and you can help others by sharing your knowledge. People see movies and tournaments and think that is martial arts. They need to be educated that all they are seeing is the first "physical" stage. Enlightenment comes through understanding all three stages, not just the first.