Grandmaster Kim's 2003 Letter

January 3, 2003

Dear students,

I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous New Year. I have enjoyed being in Korea this holiday season and will publish some thoughts from my trip in upcoming newsletters.

I would like to talk briefly about my hopes for you as students. My ultimate goal is for you to take the values you learn in class and apply them to your daily lives. Without transferring these lessons to your life you are missing the true worth of your training. Chayon-Ryu is a scientific teaching method; its principles apply to everything. Chayon-Ryu can make you successful in your workplace, business activities, family and social life. I gain so much joy from hearing student’s success stories, especially when they realize how Chayon-Ryu helped them through the tough times they endured. It is this ability to conquer life’s difficulties that reflects your indomitable spirit developed through Chayon-Ryu training.

I also want you to share the benefits of Chayon-Ryu with your friends and family, co-workers and other associates. Please don’t keep the “good medicine” to yourself. Share it with all the people in your life. I have been sharing since my high school days by bringing my friends to class, or starting clubs at high school and university. Take some flyers to work, or put them up in your apartment building. I would like to walk into the parking lot during class time and see bumper stickers on all students’ cars showing pride in your Chayon-Ryu family. The strength of a martial arts organization is not how many Black belts it has, but how many White belts.

This January marks the 35th anniversary of my arrival in Houston, Texas. My intention in coming here was to help ordinary people find themselves through martial arts training, just as I did. I want to give you confidence to cope with all the pressures of modern society, and help you find commonsense and wisdom. Above all, I want my students to lead happy, successful lives, whatever your endeavors may be. Of course I can’t give you these goals. You have to find them yourselves through your training, sweat, perseverance and patience.

I hope to see you regularly in class, and also at many special events this year.

Grandmaster Kim Soo,
Founder, Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association.