40th Anniversary Speech
By G
randmaster Kim Soo

40th Anniversary Kim Family
Mrs Kim, Master Sean Kim, Sydney Kim and Grandmaster Kim Soo - November 14, 2008

People often ask 2 main questions. 

The 1st is:
“Why did you start in Martial Arts?”

As a child I did not have much confidence:

  • Family life disrupted
  • Influenced by my sisters
  • I skipped a grade at school and was bullied by the older students

These were my reasons to start
After I started:

  • I felt more confident
  • got respect from others
  • no more fights

I wanted to give this gift to others – help their lives
So I organized clubs at high school and university, and taught in the military
While I was teaching in Korea, some college students came to my dojang to learn martial arts for a couple of months before coming to America.
That’s not the right way to teach.

That brings me to the 2nd question:
“Why did you come to the United States?”

Korea was a small stage and I wanted to share the "Beop" which means " Truth and Principles" with the world.
I chose to come to the best country in the world, The United States.
In Korea I had 6 different Instructors
Most taught for about 5-10 years at the most
They changed their job, got sick, moved, or became bankrupt – no one was permanent

My dream was to have a permanent Dojang
I wanted to teach the invisible, the inside martial art, not just fighting
I wanted to teach the principles of martial art and life
I chose Texas because it was an unknown area
It was hard to establish a school here:

  • I knew no one
  • I had no permanent visa
  • My wife and young son were in Korea

In Houston I slept in my clothes in an abandoned building Downtown – 1615 Clay
I got very sick
Since then I have taught in Houston for 40 years
Done thousands of Demos
My job is done
My students must take over and continue my legacy
I believe Chayon-Ryu is the best Martial Art in the world
It is your responsibility to preserve the system for the next generation

This is what I ask of you, as my teachers:

  • Show a respectful, humble, friendly attitude to all students
  • Have no prejudice to culture, race, religion or politics
  • No special groups in the Dojang that make others feel uncomfortable
  • Don’t teach for your own ego – your purpose is to help others
  • Teach the Chayon-Ryu program, not your own techniques

Sa Bom means teach.  A teacher who doesn’t teach is not a teacher.
Chayon-Ryu is education for life.  It’s not for glory or a money making business.
It is to share with everyone; to make their life better; to make your life better.
I would like to thank everyone for coming; especially those who helped organize this successful celebration tonight.