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Victor Pendleton, PhD, CSCS, Health Psychologist

Years ago my karate teacher, Grandmaster Kim Pyung Soo, taught me a valuable lesson. He taught me that the purpose of martial arts training was not to learn how to hurt people, nor was it physical fitness. The purpose was self-discipline and harmony with the world.

I never forgot that lesson and I went on to build my philosophy of personal fitness around it.

In my approach, personal fitness training is a way of life which emphasizes self-empowerment and self-responsibility. Excuses to justify unwanted behavior are avoided and self-acceptance is encouraged. Awareness and choice are emphasized, and self-development is promoted.

The skills developed in the pursuit of physical fitness can be applied in other aspects of life to help develop complete personal fitness.

Master Kim also taught me the importance of setting the proper example. As a result, I always try to practice what I preach: to know and to do are one and the same.

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