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Dear Grandmaster Kim Soo,

Nearly 30 years ago I was one of your devoted students at the same time with Your student John Coon. I trained at your main school and as the years have it I can't remember the street it is or was on.Your course of learning from the beginning to higher and higher levels of skill is unmatched by any school I have ever trained in. Believe me I have trained in many many schools. My skills are rooted in Chayon-Ryu and have become natural and a part of my total self. When I train or even just put on a Do-bok, it makes me feel like I am a river and I can fly. Reactions are without thinking. I cannot explain this to you properly and I know it sounds hokey. Just suffice to say that I thank so very much, my Master Kim, for your teachings. I hope you are well and my best to your family.

Kind Regards,
Mike Grauer